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Chimney stack lead flashing

Chimney stack lead flashing is available here at Thornburrow roofing, we are the ultimate roofing experts and are able to offer all aspects of roofing.

Chimney stack lead flashing will ensure that your chimney stack is safe and secure and will not cause any leaks or damp within your property.

Chimney lead flashing is known to be rather tricky, due to the angles in which the lead flashing needs to be fitted. We have had years of experience in all aspects of chimney stack lead flashing and are confident in all aspects including:

  • Fittings
  • Repairs
  • Replacements

When fitting chimney stack lead flashing, we must first attach the apron flashing at the foot of the stack, before adding the stepped flashing to the sides of the stack. Once this is completed we will then install gutter flashing at the top end which will sit over the step flashing. This system which we have works very well and can prevent damp, drafts and leaks in your property.

Chimney stack lead flashing is offered happily to any property or any sized chimney stack as our professionals are more than confident and qualified to take part in individual work as well as team work for work which requires more than one pair of hands.

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